The old saying, “you can’t fight City Hall”, isn’t true!Actually, when you work with our elected County Officials and Planning & Zoning, great things can happen!With the assistance of Colby Ferguson – Frederick County Office of Economic Development, Larry Smith & Mark Depo – Planning & Zoning and both outgoing and incoming County Commissioners, the Frederick County Equine Alliance is very proud of our accomplishments to continue to make Frederick County attractive for Equine enthusiasts, owners and Businesses.

Frederick County Maryland TEXT AMMENDMENTS 2011

In a nutshell, the former text had stipulations that were not practical, nor were in the best interest of Equine related activities or the general population of Frederick County.


Equine Activities are now a part of AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITY and the text concerning what is considered and Equine Activity is simplified and consolidated into one place.

We all want to preserve our county’s open space and have Frederick County be a “Horse Friendly” place to live and grow.   By working together, it is possible.